California Pedaler has been Danville’s community bicycle shop for over 40 years and we are the go-to bike shop for Danville families. We have been lucky enough to see kids who got their first bikes from us years ago come back and buy first bikes for their own children. When you see families and kids riding their bikes around Danville and Alamo, there is a good chance that they got their bikes from the California Pedaler.

We love Danville. We’ve raised our family here and made countless friends, and are so happy that we’ve been able to share our biking passion with you for so long.

Our pledge to you is to always help you find the right, quality bike or accessory, with a friendly smile. If you a road-bike enthusiast, we have (or can get) all of the premier equipment you need. Love mountain biking? So do we and we can help set you up. If you are looking for a cool beach cruiser or great bike for your child, we have it all in-stock. We even offer a trade-in program, affordable used bikes, and have a unique selection of vintage bikes.

Thanks a lot for choosing the California Pedaler. We look forward to helping you with all your cycling needs!