Biking Around Danville

Great Local rides in the Northern California East Bay Area. Click on the links below. I hope you enjoy these rides as much as we do.

Iron Horse Trail

We are so fortunate to have the beautiful Iron Horse Regional Trail literally just across the street from us! The trail has always been a favorite pastime for our family, either casually riding our bikes or walking the dogs. Hundreds of cyclists, walkers, runners and joggers use the trail daily. In Danville, the trail passes directly behind the commercial downtown area. A favorite weekend outing is taking a ride to one of the local restaurants in town for breakfast. Or, cycle over to Danville’s Farmer’s Market at the corner of Railroad and Prospect avenues for great produce, breads and flowers. Parking for bicycles is readily available at numerous locations throughout town offering easy access to restaurants and shopping. We love it when our shop friends stop in to say “hi”! Please stop by to see us when you’re in town!

Osage Park

Osage Station Park in Danville is one of our favorite parks to recommend to parents with young riders. This 35-acre park features nicely paved path around the park that has a distance of 7/10 (.7) mile. The path is perfect for young cyclists, allowing their parents to enjoy beautiful memorial rose gardens along the way! Gentle lawn slopes offer a comfortable place for beginners to learn their balance. There is ample parking at the main entrance at 816 Brookside Drive in Danville. Whether you are looking for a great place to ride, jog, stroll or walk the dog, Osage Park is the place!

Redwood Road South Loop

This is a fun loop with 3300 feet of climbing in 45 miles. You start at the California Pedaler and go South down the Blvd. In Dublin you head West towards Castro Valley winding your way over to Redwood Road. You can make lots of variations to this ride by either extending it or taking a slightly different path back to Danville Blvd. Review the map and make your own version!

Calped to Mt. Diablo Junction

This is one of our favorite rides . This route is to the junction, where South Gate Road meets North Gate Road. You can extend this ride and cycle on up to the top, or go down North Gate and make a loop out of it.

House of Pain (HOP)

This route, titled the “House of Pain” is the course that local racers ride every Saturday for training. They meet at Pete’s Coffee in Danville starting from 8:30 to 9am depending on what group you go out with. There are 3-groups: The original “House of Pain” ride is an extremely fast and skilled group of riders consisting of local category 1 and 2 racers with a Pro showing up from time to time. The next group, the HOP “Mild Roast” is still a very fast paced ride but keeps a steadier tempo between the sprints and climbs. The last group or the first to go out is the HOP “Light”. This group is consists of anyone from a category 1 racer to a club rider. The pace is moderate. All three of these rides require good pack riding skills.

Turkey Day Ride

This ride is titled the “Turkey Day Ride” as it is a route taken for a Thanksgiving morning ride by many local riders. It is a flat Southbound ride around 30 miles long.

Calped to Moraga Loop

The Calped to Moraga Loop is a mix of paved trail riding and street riding. The first half of the ride is a standard route into Moraga and ends at the Moraga Commons. From this point you can turn around and just do and out and back , or follow the route.

Morgan Territory Loop

This is the long or more climbing version of this great ride. It starts by taking you up South Gate road and down North Gate for a bit of extra fun. Look at the Map and you can skip this and go straight to Ygnacio Blvd if you prefer.

Calped to Redwood Road Loop

This ride has about 2700 feet of vertically climbing. It starts at the California Pedaler and takes the standard route to Moraga. From Moraga the route goes to Canyon road and then climbs up Pinehurst to the South. From there the ride heads to Redwood road and then on to Skyline Blvd. The return is down Pinehurst, and then back to Calped.

Calped Iron Horse Trail to Canal Trail

This is a simple, mostly flat ride following the Iron Horse Trail Northbound until it ends near Highway 4. From there the route takes you briefly on surface streets to get to the Canal trail where the ride then loops back to the Iron Horse Trail ending back at California Pedaler.

Calped to Upper Happy Valley road in Lafayette

This is a loop that has surprisingly 1900 feet of climbing. Variations to this ride are plenty: on the way back you can turn on Glorietta to Mt. Diablo Blvd and back to Calped or a bit further along take Moraga road instead of St. Marys and work your back.

Calped to Bear Creek Road to Happy Valley Loop

This 36 mile loop has a lot (3300 ft) of climbing for the short distance. This route takes you on a few side streets that most cyclists don’t know about. Have fun!

A few notes about the mapped rides. These routes have been plotted out so you can find a new ride or a variation on one you already know. Review them before you go out and use them as a guide only. Plotting them can be a bit tricky as the program sometimes throws in a goofy U turn for no reason. Generally just ignore this when it happens. The colors used to map the ride (either Red or Blue) have no significance other than making it easier to plot the return route when it travels over the same roads. Enjoy the rides! MORE RIDES COMING SOON I am adding routes as I have time to map them out. Check back often as by the end of this Winter I hope to have over 20 local rides mapped out.