e-Bikes at the California Pedaler


Electric bikes amplify your pedaling power and your ability to do and see more. Trek and Electra e-bikes are quick and smooth, with predictable, high quality, easy-to-control power by Bosch, and a long-lasting removable battery that recharges at any household outlet.


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The Casual “Iron Horse Trail” e-Bike of choice, the Townie GO!

Go! to the farmers market.
Go! further.
Go! further than further.
Go! eat tacos on Taco Tuesday
Go! to town.
Go! to the next town over.
Go! out with your faster riding friend
Go! to happy hour
Go! play and have FUN.


Townie® Go! is a battery-powered, pedal assist bike that lets you ride like the wind without breaking a sweat. The ninja quiet Bosch Performance System offers four levels of power support from Eco to Turbo mode, allowing you to flatten hills and shorten commutes depending on how much leg work you’re willing to put in. Multi-gear functionality lets you control output and battery life. And of course, it looks as awesome as it rides.

The comfort of Townie’s Flat Foot Technology® frame combined a lower center of gravity and balloon tires, provides an upright and smooth ride that makes it impossible not to smile when riding a Townie Go!. So get on and Go! Pedal less. Do more.

Trek Powerfly 8 FS Plus

More power, more bike, more fun!

Powerfly eMTB builds on its success with a new full suspension lineup that borrows from Trek’s proven off-road legacy.

The full suspension Powerfly makes mountain biking even more fun. The Bosch Performance CX pedal assist e-bike system makes for a supremely capable electric bike that allows you to go farther and have more fun.


Powerful central-mount Bosch motor, for speeds up to 20 mph


The commuting weapon the Trek XM700+

This bike is fast! XM700+ is the commuting tool for bicycle commuters who are looking for an electric bike that supports up to a whopping 45 km/h, or 28mph!!
Say goodbye to parking fees and fighting for a space. This speedy electric bike will let you leave your car at home. Why not work out on your way to work? XM700+ makes it possible.

  • Bosch Performance Speed system, 28mph max speed
  • S.P.A. suspension fork for high-speed safety
  • Powerful Super Nova headlight for safety at high speeds
  • Disc brakes give you reliable all-weather stopping power