The following are photos of bikes currently in my collection and those that have sold and gone on to others. I hope you enjoy them. E-mail comments to

Van Fleet Collection (VFC)

Just before Christmas we acquired a collection of bikes from a local racer (Van Fleet) who passed away. The collection highlights include a Cinelli track bike, and a Paramount track bike, a Cinelli road bike and a Mercian tandem. I’ll post pictures individually as I have the bikes completed.  All need some love. All available for sale. Restoration status update: Mercian tandem (see below) available for sale now. The Cinelli’s and Paramount have all been sent of for chrome and paint work.

1970’s Mercian Tandem

This was one of the bikes from the Van Fleet Collection (VFC) that was acquired late last year. We did a light refurbish on it: new tires, cables and housing.brake pads, bar tape and a tune. The size: Captain 60cm center to top, Stoker 50cm (very adjustable).

Priced at $950.  Feb 2017  Sorry no shipping, more photos available,

1974 Schwinn Paramount Track Bike

This 1974 Schwinn Paramount looks great.  The chrome is in very nice condition as are the original parts (HS,BB,CS, SP and Hubs (originals not currently on the bike).  My plan is to replace the wheels using the original hubs laced to some vintage tubular rims. Replace the pedals using Campy track pedals, replace the new Brooks saddle with a vintage one, and maybe replace the bars and stem (currently they are Nitto Craft and look good). Size is 57cm center to Center, 58 c-top, TT is 57 c-c and the headtube is 16.5. The stand over height is about 33”. Price as seen in the photos is $2500. Jan 2017

Colnago Master



This Colnago was just acquired late fall of 2016. It is a beautiful, well cared for Colnago Master with Columbus Gilco tubing. Campy Super Record and more.  Not sure of the exact date, maybe a Colnago expert can fill me in.

Size details on this one: 62cm Center to Center, 63 C-T, Top tube shorter at 59 c-c and a head tube at 19.

Overall , this is a very nice a collectable bike that is ready to ride. Brakes could easily be re-routed making this a bike worth taking on a Erocia ride.

$2100  posted 11/26/2016

1970-71 Peugeot PX-10e

px10 004

This 1970 Peugeot PX-10e was acquired from the original owner.  A one owner bike! I just dusted it off and pumped up the tires. Fun restoration project for someone. No rust, no dings, lots of character.

Size details: 58. 5 cm  center to center, 59.5 c-t, 58.5 c-c top-tube, and a 16.5 head tube.  I believe Peugeot called this bike a 23”.  The stand over height is 33”.


1980 Ron Cooper

rc21980 011

This stunning 1980’s Ron Cooper just came into our shop a few weeks ago .  I gave it a light re-furbish and it is ready for someone to use in next years Paso Robles l’eroica ride!

Full vintage Campagnolo group except (the more interesting) Mavic hubs. Please look over the photos carefully .  Paint is in very nice shape with a few minor nicks here and there, but nothing serious. No rust, no dings.

Size details: 57. 5 cm  center to center, 58.5 c-t, 56 c-c top-tube, and a 16.5 head tube.


1988  GT Edge Ti

gtedge 006


This is one of the newest bikes added to my collection. Although it is almost 20 years old it is a stunning example of an early all Ti bike.

I just finished refurbishing it and took it on a ride up Mt. Diablo.  It rode great and descended with confidence. Anyone looking for an interesting bike to add to there collection,  or want something interesting to ride that not every one has, this may be it. The frame is a 60cm with a slightly shorter top tube measuring 58 c-c. More details if seriously interested.



1975 Cinelli Pista

Cinelli 001web Cinelli 003web This is a 1975. Mostly all original , with just the few parts swapped out over its life. Paint is in very nice condition and it too is all original. This beautiful bike has recently been returned to the original owner, but it still resides in our shop on display. NFS

1985 Cinelli Super Corsa

85Cinelli 007 85Cinelli 010 This bike came from the same customer and now friend that I got the 1975 Cinelli Pista from. It is a 1985 and left exactly as it was last ridden in the late 80’s. All I have done is dusted it off, pumped up the tires and displayed it in our shop. The SC price is $2,750 Nov 2016.

The bike measures 56cm Center to Center, or 57cm Center to Top, the Top Tube is matched at 56cm C-C.  The head-tube is 14cm.


1972 Masi Cran Criterium

Masi side

Masi front This relatively rare 1972 Masi Gran Criterium has been in my collection for about 20 years or so. A re-furb has just been completed. I had the frame re-painted by ED Litton in Mario Confente colors. It turned out great! For the most part all the parts on it are period correct.SOLD

1974-1979 Colnago

colnago001web2 The Colnago was  picked  up as a complete bike and re-furbished it in October 2012. All the parts on it are Campy Record from 1974 even though I think the frame may be a bit newer than that. This bike has already left my collection when a friend of mine saw it and had to have it.SOLD

1985 Columbine Custom

columbine 006secolumbine1 This is a 1985 Columbine Custom. I built the bike up with nice and mostly period correct parts I had on hand. Highlights of the build are: NOS Campy 50th Rear derailleur, Cobalto brake calipers, Campy-HI-Lo hubs laced to new Velo Orange clincher rims (Martano tribute decals applied), NOS Cinelli bars and stem, NOS front derailleur and NOS Campy shifters. The other parts are used but in pristine condition with two exceptions: the two new parts are: a Brooks Swift saddle and the retro TRP brake calipers. This bike is has been  sold, I regret selling it!

1973 Schwinn Paramount

para73black001web This 24” Paramount is mostly original. I think just the wheelset (converted to clinchers) and possibly the bar tape (yet it looks pretty faded like maybe it is original). Full Campy and Cinelli. This bike has left my collection as it was sold.

1984 Richard Sachs

rs001web This incredible bike was built for a friend of mine in 1984. At that time he chose the best of the best and put on a Campagnolo 50th Anniversary group. He even was one of the lucky few who bought a Cinelli Pantographed 50th stem. To top off the build incredible rare Assos rims were used. The final touches to finish off the look are the custom made handlebar plugs. See separate photo for details on this. I acquired the bike about 15 years ago . Mileage is sadly just 200 miles and I have never ridden it! This bike is available for sale, if interested just email If you are looking to add a premium bike to your collection this could be it. SOLD

Campagnolo 50th Anniversary Handle Bar Plugs

rs003web Campagnolo 50th Anniversary Handle Bar plugs . I bet you have never heard of them before. These were custom made for my 1984 Richard Sachs. Pretty simple idea done by an incredibly skilled machinist. Here is how it was done: an extra set of 50th anniversary dust caps were acquired, a custom machined piece of aluminum was then made to not only to screw the caps into but additionally screw into handlebars that were tapped out.SOLD

1971 Mondia Special

ds028 Found this bike on craigslist from a re-seller. He told me that he got the bike from the original owner and it really was never ridden. The photos on CL showed a few scratches and a few paint nicks and I sort of doubted what was said. Better pictures were sent and just as he stated, the drive train looked virtually unused. I bought it for a very reasonable price and he delivered it a few days latter. I was not disappointed! I took off the CS, and derailleurs and replaced with others that I had. The bike has been set up as a commute bike. I have the original bars , Campy bar-con shifters, Campy seat-post and Brooks saddle. This could quickly put back to original. $1,800 NOV 2016

40th Anniversary Della Santa

ds013 Not much to say: blend of the best from the 70’s (nervex lugs) and a new Campy SR 11 group. Gets ridden daily! NFS

Gios Torino Super Record

giosweb2 009 I Found the Gios frame, Fork, Crank set and Seat post under a cabin at Lake Tahoe. Rick at D&D Cycles re-sprayed and applied new decals for me. This bike just went through a re-fresh (Feb 2013) with a few parts being swapped out. The frame size is a 60cm and the bike is availalbe for sale . E-mail for details. The wheels were just re-done and they look great! $1,750 NOV 2017

1972 Schwinn Paramount

72para006 This was my very first vintage bike I purchased. It is a 1972 Paramount that was re-spayed and decaled by Waterford. Take a close look and you can see a few liberates taken when the bike was built. Can you spot them? The first is the front fork, this non-original one does not quite have as much rake and can fit a 700c tire size with-out the use of a drop bolt. Next, the pedals…, 3rd the 700c clincher tires on a touring frame (the rear brake has a drop bolt) 4th the Campy sidepull brakes, 5th a new but still great looking Brooks saddle, and last one I’ll list (there are a few more)…did you note the bar-con shifters. Do you see why they are on the bike? When re-decaled the “Waterford” put the decals on too high so standard down tube shifters would not work. Instead of making them re-paint the bike, I just went with the bar end shifting. This bike is available for sale. For further details please e-mail at This bike has been sold..

1973 Schwinn Paramount

paramount73 This bike is a mostly original 1973 Schwinn Paramount touring bike. The bike came into the shop a few years ago on a trade. The bike was stripped, the chrome was polished and new decals were applied. Next all the parts which were in good condition were cleaned and polished. The rear derailleur was replaced with a slightly newer Campagnolo long cage Rally, the brakes were modified using long reach Universal calipers and Campy brake blocks, and hand made new wood fenders were added. Sold

Mid 80’s Eddy Merckx


This beautiful bike was built up from parts off one bike and the frame from an e-bay purchase. About 3 years ago a guy came in with a 56cm baby blue 80’s Eddy Merckx he wanted to sell. I loved it and bought it on the spot. The frame was too small for me so I quickly sold the frame to a collector friend. Ironically, the day I sold the frame I went on e-bay looking for an interesting frame to hang the parts on and found the Molteni orange Merckx. My luck continued and I won the bid. The frame was a re-spray and re-decal by Wanta Frames. They did an impressive job. The parts are all Campagnolo C-record. The tubular rims were switched out to some nice DT Swiss clinchers. This bike was for sale, but has been SOLD.

1973 Masi Gran Criterium

Masi The first time I saw this bike a young kid was riding it in pouring rain with the saddle slammed all the way down, it was about 3 sizes too big for him. I yelled at him something to the effect of “nice bike kid”. He stopped and I asked him if he wanted to sell it. He did, but it was his Dad’s old racing bike. 3 years latter his Dad sold it to me. This is pretty much how I got the bike from his “Dad”. Changed the wheel set out by putting on a set of Campy high flange clinchers. I think I also put a newer wider set of bars and a longer stem on it. I then stripped it of its parts, cleaned and polished the frame and then did the same to all the parts. Nice USA built Masi. This bike is available for sale. For further details please e-mail at Sold .

1985 Derosa

derosaweb001 The Derosa frame was purchased on E-bay and when I received it I was very disappointed in the terrible black paint job that was on it. You could have done a better job with a brush! I ordered some new decals and then sketched up a color scheme. Rick at D&D Cycles in San Leandro painted it . I think it turned out stunning. The parts on it are all period correct (except the pedals , rims, and the wider range freewheel). I ride the bike a couple of times a month and it is smooth as silk. . This bike is available for sale. For further details please e-mail at Sold

1974 Witcomb Track Bike

track017 Found this bike at my friend’s bike shop up in Santa Rosa about 15 years ago. Apparently this bike was built for Daniel Morelon a World Champion sprinter. Unfortunately I have no documentation on this. Originally the frame was all chrome and was badly pitted, granted I should have left as is but is now too late for regrets. I had it repainted, re-chromed and re-decaled by Ed Litton. Yes, that is a bar-con shifter being used as a brake lever. This one has been sold.

1990 Della Santa

track009 This is one of 3 Della Santa Bikes I own. Love them! Great classic ride and meticulously crafted by Rolland Della Santa. The frame is a 1990, the parts are all 80’s Campy. The beautiful paint is by Joe Bell. I ride this bike a couple of times a month and always say I should ride it more when I am done. This drop dead beautiful bike in perfect condition is for sale. $2,500.NOV 2016

Size details: 62 cm  center to center, 63 c-t, 59 c-c top-tube, and a 19 head tube. Stand over height is 87cm

Della Santa Track Bike

track014 Here is another one of my Della Santa’s. This Track bike was built in 1990 and unfortunately has seen very little use. Complete Campy build including high flange C Record (Sheriff Star) hubs! This one has been sold.