We Take Trade-Ins!

Do you have an old bike, but would prefer a newer, more updated version? Is your bike needing costly repairs? Or, have you outgrown your bike? If you answered “yes”to any of these questions, trading in your old bike may be the perfect solution! Can all brands and styles of bikes be traded in? Yes, virtually all bikes can be traded in. However there are some brands we cannot accept. Unacceptable brands are: Next, Pacific, Magna, Huffy, Motiv, or any Discount store Bikes. What Value can I expect for my trade-in? Most trade-ins will yield an instant 10% to 20% (up to $100) off the sticker price of the new bike. There may be higher values for newer bikes or collectible race bikes. Bikes with broken shifters and requiring other parts to repair will yield a lower trade-in value. Why trading in your bike is a positive thing to do:

  • You receive a discount on a new bike.
  • Gets your old bike out of the garage.
  • Your old bike is refurbished and not sent to landfill
  • Someone gets your old bike (tuned and ready to enjoy) at a great price
  • The local family-owned California Pedaler sells a new bike.
  • I don’t need a new bike right now.

Do you buy used bikes? Yes, we pay cash for old road racing bikes, and occasionally something else! Please see John for quote. Do you Sell used bikes? Yes, please see our Previously Owned bike section for details. We are the only shop in the Tri -Valley area that takes trade-ins. Last year we did over 250 trades! Bring in your bike and be the next!